Sharnell Weathersby

Sharnell Weathersby is the Founder and CEO of SOMEI Brand Marketing and Grace and Beauty Tea Collection and Co-Founder of LeadOne leadership consultancy. She is a powerhouse and transformational leader as an executive coach, brand consultant, speaker, and communicator. She calls leaders and owners to take action and advises on business development, personal growth, and leadership.

As the host of the modern working women podcast, Ready For What’s Next, she is committed to developing leaders and owners around the world as they launch and grow their endeavors and empowering women to realize their full potential in their personal life and career. As a mentor and advisor, one-on-one with executive leaders and business owners, or in group coaching with her
Women That Lead community, Sharnell gives leaders the resources and space needed to grow and challenge themselves to realize their full potential.

Sharnell has worked in the consumer goods and service industries for most of her career with brands such as Coca-Cola, Caterpillar, Hershey, and Smithfield Foods. She started in marketing and business development and has since worked in numerous aspects of brand and creative strategy. Her experience and passion have been featured on the Girlfriends Talking Podcast with Ramona Torres, the Her Brand & Company marketing agency, and the Naperville Chamber of Commerce.

“These past few years have taught us all a lot about how precious the things that matter most really are,” says Sharnell. Today she’s helping leaders prioritize their well-being while thriving without compromising the values that matter most. She speaks to various organizations, churches and at conferences and retreats.