Rachel Lazar

Rachel Lazar serves the DuPage Symphony Orchestra as the Office Manager and Social Media Marketing Associate. Her passion for making music accessible to all people aligns perfectly with the DSO’s mission and she enjoys contributing to the orchestra’s goal of fostering a sense of inclusivity in the community. Her role allows her to explore her creativity fully, often experimenting with new ideas and innovative approaches.
Her life has been an exciting journey akin to a box of chocolates, full of surprises and unique experiences. As the daughter of an Army Chaplain, Rachel has had the privilege of living across the continental US and Hawai’i, gaining valuable insights into diverse cultural and social perspectives.
Though Rachel pursued studies in English, her professional endeavors have been diverse! From working with horses to leading creative groups, from substitute teaching to fulfilling the role affectionately referred to as “being an ambulance driver,” Rachel’s varied background has enriched her understanding of the world and informs her approach to her work.
Rachel’s dedication to people and creativity shines through her work. She revels in creating opportunities that foster community bonds through artistic endeavors, and she loves using her imagination to help bring a little more beauty to the world. 
Rachel shares life with her husband, who is a musician (but not the orchestral kind). Together, they enjoy playing board games, taking leisurely walks, and sharing the joy of music.