Gary Greene

Gary Greene holds degrees in music education and musicology from the University of Indianapolis, Butler University, and the University of Maryland. His specialization is in American music at the turn of the 20th century. A portion of his dissertation on the life and music of Henry
Holden Huss has been published by Scarecrow Press, and his research on Huss has led to a number of recordings of Huss’ music. He has published widely on a variety of musical topics.

Dr. Greene has taught students who spanned third grade through graduate school at schools in
Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana, and Arkansas. He recently retired after 21 years as a staff member of the Illinois State Board of Education. His work there as a principal consultant has covered several areas, most recently the registration and recognition of nonpublic schools. He also served a few terms as an officer in the union representing the professional staff of the agency.

Dr. Greene has also had an active career as a horn player and a private horn teacher. He currently serves as the principal horn of the DuPage Symphony Orchestra and as a hornist with the Salt Creek Chamber Orchestra; he is the program annotator for both orchestras. He also regularly performs in other area ensembles and as a soloist at churches. He frequently gives presentations on musical and historical topics for library lecture series, in Sunday School classes, and to other audiences.

He has served on a number of boards for musical organizations, and he joined the DuPage
Symphony Orchestra Board in June 2020.