Birjan Crispin

birjan crispin

Birjan D. Crispin is the Co-Founder & President of The Providence Networks Foundation and works as an analyst for Morningstar Inc, in Chicago, IL. Birjan received his B.A. in Business & Political Science from Hope College (Holland, MI), and is also a graduate of The Heritage
Foundation’s Leadership Fellowship Academy where he studied fiscal & monetary policy, writing his thesis on the behavioral economics of poverty. He is passionate about music, and the development of nonprofit organizations and building relationships with local communities. Birjan is actively involved in his church, (College Church), and enjoys spending time with his community.
He’s an aspiring author, public speaker and has appeared on numerous podcasts across the country discussing various topics. In his spare time, Birjan enjoys listening to classical music, writing and watching documentaries. He currently resides in Wheaton, IL.